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Chapter History.

The roots of the Iota Chapter date back as early as the Spring of 1990. It was from that time that the fraternity's official interest group, The FIAT Club was formed. In the Fall of 1992, 6 strong minded individuals of the FIAT Club underwent the induction process of Phi Iota Alpha.

On December 13th "El Descubrimiento" the founding line of the Iota Chapter:

1. Edual "Don T.O.R.O." Collado// Dominican
2. Hector "Don Bravo" Hidalgo// Dominican
3. Ruben "Don Vigilante" Collins// Dominican
4. Ricardo "Don Conservativo" Ganishlal// Trinidarian
5. Eliezer "Don Ansioso" Hernandez// Puertorican/Dominican
6. Edwin "Don Ritmico" Cruz// Dominican

Notable Dates:
1992- Oswego's 1st Latino Fraternity
1995- Chapter of the Year
1999- Oswego's Fraternity of the Year
2000- Oswego's Fraternity of the Year
2004- Oswego's Organization of the Year
2004- Greek Man of the Year (Oscar Fernandez)